Multibeton Systems - Low temperature energy sources

The below diagram shows a MULTIBETON system connected to a low temperature energy source. This could comprise a fully condensing gas fired boiler, heat pump installation or any other form of energy source which can provide low temperature water. This can also include waste heat recovery from refrigeration, air conditioning and various other forms of commercial and industrial process plants.

MULTIBETON can design systems to use any low temperature water source at temperatures as low as 35°C. These systems offer very low operating costs particularly where the energy source would otherwise be wasted.

Due to the much lower operating temperatures controls are often much simpler since it will often not be necessary to reduce the water temperature before circulating around the MULTIBETON system. In many instances of waste heat recovery no form of control is required and the heat can be extracted and used on a continuous basis with topping up by other means as required. This can often be used for retail shops, warehouses, workshops and factory heating where only a low internal temperature is required.

In the case of condensing boilers, heat pumps and similar sources a simple form of control acting directly on the energy source can be used.



The above is a typical example of a simple on/off or proportional controller (C) acting to directly control the energy output. This can be controlled from a simple room thermostat or detector (DR). There are many suitable controllers available and these can include weather compensation and or full optimisation.

Due to the lower temperature of the source water it is not normally necessary to control the flow temperature provided this would not be expected to exceed 55°C. The circulating pump should run on a continuous basis with the boiler or heat pump switched on and off as demanded by the heating load.

The controls can incorporate other features such as time clock, night set back, frost protection etc and most manufacturer's can advise on the most suitable arrangement.

Due to the varied nature of such systems we can if requested advise on specific applications.