The Multibeton System of Modulation

The MULTIBETON system of modulation is designed to ensure that the underfloor heating system closely follows the building heat requirements. This means for instance acknowledging that a greater requirement for heat exists at external walls and glazing than on an internal wall. Consider the top half of the diagram to the right which shows pipes evenly spaced.

The result here would be that the temperature against the external wall would be lower and uncomfortable. The lower diagram shows that by increasing the pipe density against the external wall an even temperature profile can be achieved.


This principle of MULTIBETON modulation has been used for over 35 years and offers the best form of Underfloor heating today with each building system uniquely designed to ensure comfort conditions.

The diagram on the left illustrates the MULTIBETON system of modulation. Using this method ensures the design of a system takes into account the building heat requirements more precisely than other systems.

The importance of good design cannot be over emphasized and it must be right first time. Whilst it is possible to apply evenly spaced pipes to an internal space this cannot be the case where one needs to take into account potential cold zones such as external walls or full height glazing.

Good design will always ensure that there is adequate pipe to operate at the lowest possible water temperature. This reduces the surface temperature and gives an even comfortable surface temperature across the entire floor. Pipes widely spaced at higher temperatures will produce an uneven floor temperature. Lower water temperatures also mean that alternative energy sources such as heat recovery, heat pumps and condensing boilers can be used with MULTIBETON.



Modulation or The double spiral?

Many other systems use the double spiral or snail pattern with the result shown below. The MULTIBETON system of modulation ensures that the design will closely follow the actual building requirements.

Modulation or The double spiral?