Multibeton Systems - Proportional Control

The below control system shows a standard mixing circuit to give reduced temperature operation for the MULTIBETON underfloor heating system. The same arrangement can also be used with either MULTIBETON wall or ceiling systems.

The diagram shows a standard 3 port mixing valve and pump installed to supply the manifolds)s) with the required design water temperature which can vary between 35 and 65°C. The mixing valve can be controlled from a simple proportional controller or can include weather compensation, full optimised on and off or control via an energy management system.

The minimum form of control should be from an immersion sensor (DW) with a room sensor (DR) acting to limit the controller with the facility for night set back. Frost protection is required as with any heating system where any prolonged shutdown is possible.

Weather compensation and or full optimisation would require the addition of an external sensor (OD). When installing such a controller it is important that both optimised on and off is available to enable earlier off times which take advantage of any residual heat.

Additional items such as time clocks, solar and wind detectors can all be used dependant on the precise requirements for the control system. We can advise on any special requirements you may have.



The above is a typical example of a proportional control system and the specific control manufacturers details should be checked for full information.

The 3 port mixing valve can also be located on the return pipe if required and can be either local to the manifold(s) or in the plant room or other position as required.

The diagram does not indicate items such as isolating/regulating valves, test points etc which may be required and these should be installed as specified by others.

Suitable control settings for low temperature underfloor systems can usually be found within the specific manufacturer's literature.