Multibeton Quality

The MASS production of the System pipe started in 1969 with MULTIBETON the leader in warm water Underfloor heating using special polymer pipes. Quality is not produced by magic, but the result of decades of research work on a raw material and process engineering, which are constantly being improved. Only the very best is good enough for MULTIBETON.

That is why all MB System Pipes are independently TÜV, T.G.B and C.S.T.B-tested and controlled. Constant testing and supervision of pipe manufacture is carried out at the MULTIBETON factory according to the TÜV, T.G.B and C.S.T.B-test programme. In addition a TÜV, T.G.B and C.S.T.B-expert regularly supervises production quality control at the plant by means of random samples and test data.

In addition tests are conducted by MULTIBETON in their own laboratories in accordance with the DIN, EN and the ISO-Norm:


The MULTIBETON System Pipe passes the functional failure Safety Test at 3 Bar Internal Pressure at +150°C FOR AN ENDURANCE PERIOD OF MORE THAN 1000 HOURS.

MULTIBETON have demonstrated the quality of their pipes for over 40 years. Most importantly the inherent strength of the pipes is sufficient to withstand the normal construction site traffic during installation.
MULTIBETON pipes are always installed by preheating using portable heaters. This ensures that in bending the pipes, as with bending any other material, no stress is created within the pipes.