Multibeton System Pipe

The heart of a MULTIBETON system is always the pipe; tough, flexible, diffusion proof and traceable due to the aluminium barrier sandwiched in the pipe wall and manufactured to last beyond the life of the building. The pipe is available in two different sizes 17mm for normal use in floor and wall systems and 22mm for large area heating and distribution to remote manifolds. Both pipes are suitable for both heating and cooling and can be used with all the MULTIBETON systems.




MULTIBETON pipe is manufactured from the highest quality materials and produced under rigorous quality control. The pipe consists of a Poly-molecular copolymer of polypropylene specially formulated to be high temperature resistant and ultra-violet stabilized. The pipe is designed to have long-term durability and is insusceptible to fatigue. The raw material is specially formulated and exclusive to MULTIBETON and used in the production of all the MULTIBETON pipes.

Practical Long Term Experience: MULTIBETON pipes have been installed in over 125 million sq meters of heating surfaces many of which are over 40 years old.



1) 17 x 2.2mm in accordance with DIN,EN,ISO 15874
INCLUDING 10% safety factor in wall thickness. Outside dia
17mm, Inside dia 12.6mm
2) 22.3 x 2.4mm in accordance with DIN,EN,ISO 15874
INCLUDING 10% safety factor in wall thickness Outside dia
22.3mm, Inside dia 17.5mm


Manufacture and Quality Control

The pipe is produced and electronically controlled on MULTIBETON Production Lines and tested in its own laboratories together with independent testing by the German TÜV, Austrian T.G.M and the French C.S.T.B.

MULTIBETON Pipes in use

The 17mm dia. pipe is the most popular and is used for both embedded floor and wall systems on heating and cooling installations. The pipe is normally supplied in 300 meter rolls which means that joints need not occur within the installation. A full range of accessories are available including clipping systems, manifolds etc to provide a complete service for all types of embedded systems.

The 22.3mm dia pipe is normally used for large areas of surface heating or cooling such as factories, warehouses and external ground installations such as car parks, ramps and walkways. The larger diameter enables much higher flow rates to be circulated with reduced pumping heads.

The 22.3mm pipe can also be used for distribution between a central manifold and local manifolds served by the 17mm pipe. This often avoids the need for any overhead pipework to connect the manifolds together to a central source and enables full advantage to be taken in using the floor for useful heat. This provides substantial cost savings on pipework and insulation.

The same extensive range of accessories can be used for both 17mm pipe which can be freely interchanged.

The MULTIBETON pipes cover the complete range of heating and cooling systems and combined with an extensive range of accessories provide a total package for all types of installations.

The pipes are covered by a 30 year underwritten product liability insurance from any defects due to manufacturing faults.