Multibeton Systems - Thermostactic Control

The below control system shows a simple form of local control over a single manifold. The control system allows for direct connection to a higher temperature circuit and uses a direct action 2 – Port thermostatic control valve (TV) to control the water temperature circulating within the MULTIBETON system from a remote immersion sensor (S).

This form of control is ideal when adding a MULTIBETON system to an existing conventional system or where separate control is required for a number of zones supplied from higher temperature circulating mains. Manifolds which are mounted back to back or close together can be connected to a single set of controls if required.

The normal form of control involves thermostatic control of the water temperature with space or room control via a room thermostat (RT) controlling the pump and motorized 2 Port valve (MV). The room thermostat can be wired from a time clock or be of the type with inbuilt clock. Reduced night time temperatures can be incorporated within the room thermostat to give a pre-set reduction in space temperature either manually controlled or switched via time clock. This type of system can also be wired back to central controls or switched from energy management systems if required.




The above room thermostat (RT) and motorized valve (MV) can operate at either 240 or 24 volts as required.

The thermostatic control valve (TV) has an inbuilt higher limit of 65°C but lower temperatures can be set if required.

The bypass (B) should be regulated such that with both motorized and thermostatic valves fully open the temperature at the MULTIBETON manifold does not exceed 65°C when at the design room temperature.

The controls provide a simple and economic method of control where a single or series of zones require local control. This system can be used in addition to any central control that may exist